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Customers Testimonials

Steph, 26, Auckland

I have dropped down from a size 18 to a size 14 in only a few months. I have not changed my diet other than trying to avoid eating late at night. I have not been this size since I was in my teens, and I plan on staying this way ! I have recommended Forskolin to other people in my family who also struggle to loose weight, and will continue taking it until I have reached my goal weight

Chontelle, 22, Vic

Thanks for the speedy delivery ! I live in Victoria , and ordered online, I got the forskolin in 4 days. I have only been taking it for 2 weeks and already I can notice that my jeans seem looser around my waist. Im super excited about my progress and am definately ordering more

Lara, 34, Canada

I am loosing weight at a slow and steady rate and have so far lost 5.4kg. I have found that my stomach is flatter and I have more energy during the day and also Im getting complements on how good my skin and hair look. Im thrilled at my results and looking forward to going clothes shopping soon. Thankyou

Jess , UK

a huge thankyou to forskolin !! I was a bit skeptical at first but with the money back guarantee I really didn't have much to risk and im so thankful i tried this ! I have just ordered again and have told all my friends about this amazing product!

Bonita , Australia

I have now lost 9kgs!! I tried so many different weight loss products and they have all been unsuccessful, if this didnt work i was going to give up. Thank you so much for such a fantastic product!


I have struggled with my weight all my life and have tried a few products over the years with little success until now, this Forskolin works like gang busters.


I had been trying to lose weight for my wedding, so I was under a lot of time pressure, I didnt actually think this would work, but it did, Forskolin worked miracles on me, thanks guys.


Forskolin worked for me like you wouldn't believe, everyone says its hard to lose weight, but with this stuff its easy, I recommend anyone trying to lose weight to try it.